About Me

Hello, my name is Michelle Rincon. I’ve been a professional designer for a few years now and an illustrator for as long as I can remember. Like many kids I drew and colored all the time, and as I got older that passion for it never left. Once it came time to decide what to do as an adult, I picked something that would pull from my love of illustration and became a designer. As a designer I’ve learned that I love the challenge of making abstract and complex concepts into something simple and digestible. Now I have a second passion.

My path of being a designer has also given me other interests that I’ve been able to learn new skills with. Other forms of media are now something that I have grown to enjoy. Podcasts and audio editing have become a pet project of mine and I’d love to continue to grow my skillset in this area. And with social media platforms expanding and evolving daily, I’m excited to see what new projects and skills I can gain.

I am now also the co-owner/co-founder of an online shop called Midnight Trinkets. It currently mainly sells stickers with plans to expand out into other types of product. Our small business is one of our main focuses and gives us a lot of experience in a wide range of practices and projects that we didn’t have before.

Outside of my own creative pursuits, I love to disconnect from the screens in my free time. My other hobbies include reading, hiking, rock climbing, and axe throwing. Not to mention my love of fantasy and fantasy writing.

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